11 Most Effective Blog Post Ideas for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

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Content remains the reigning king in marketing, which is why business blogging continues to be on the rise despite the growing popularity of multimedia content like video and animated graphics. Blogging can be an effective lead generation tool — studies have shows that marketers who use blogs generate 67% more leads than those who don’t.

However, blogging just for the sake of it without providing valuable content to your audience can backfire. Readers, as well as search engine bots, always prefer content that is useful to them, something they need, or something they care about.

The success of your blog relies heavily on the kind of content you post. This is the reason why you need to take great strides to improve your blog content strategy. To help you get started, here are some of the most effective blog posts that work well for entrepreneurs and businesses:

1. Story of how you started up your business. Brand storytelling is one of the most effective content marketing techniques because of its emotional element. Write the story behind your business’ beginnings, the challenges you’ve faced, the possible failures you have hurdled, and more. Sharing your story effectively helps you in connecting with your audience on a more personal level.

2. Customer success stories. An effective way to make your business blog stand out is to write content that humanizes your brand, and one great strategy is to write customer success stories. Feature some of your customers, their struggles, and how your brand has helped them. This can help readers better understand your products and services and see how beneficial they can be.

3. Informational and how-to articles. People generally go online to search for answers to their problems. Writing informational and how-to articles related to your business can greatly boost your blog’s SEO and increases your chance of ranking on Google’s position zero. Make your article more easily understandable by itemizing the steps and adding photos for each.

4. Frequently asked questions. Pool together commonly asked questions about your business and create a blog post about them. This saves you time in answering repeatedly asked questions from your email or social media channels. This can also be a good reference tool for your own internal needs, such as training new employees.

5. Seasonal content. While evergreen content is ideal for most blog content strategies, creating occasional seasonal content can help you drive more traffic at that given time. For example, you can provide tips on how to make the most of the winter months using your products/services.

6. Interview a thought leader. Thought leaders or influencers in your field can usually offer insights and in-depth knowledge that your audience may want to know about. Interviewing a thought leader is a great topic for your blog. You may opt to write a transcript of their interview, or embed a video or host a podcast.

7. Guest posts from industry experts. In addition to an exclusive interview, a guest post written by industry experts adds value to your blog content and increases your page authority. Additionally, industry experts often have an audience of their own; having their article posted on your blog is a great way to tap into their own network of followers and consequently grow your brand.

8. Quizzes. Make your blog more engaging and interactive by hosting a quiz related to your brand and your audience’s interests. Quizzes can also reveal valuable information about your readers, helping you to improve your business and services.

9. List of industry-related statistics. Statistics are among the most searched information on the Internet. Listing industry-related statistics in your blog effectively helps in getting backlinks to your website and thus boosting your SEO.

10. Best of your blog round-up. Repurpose some of your existing blog content and round up the best articles you’ve posted from the past year, the past month, or whatever works best for you. This is also a good way to drive traffic back to your old posts.

11. Infographics. Among all the digital content types, infographics drive the most engagement next to videos. Including fact-filled and compelling infographics in your blog can help generate engagement and boost your site’s social signals.

In Conclusion

A solid content marketing strategy is crucial for the success of your blogging and digital marketing efforts. However, aside from producing content that appeal to your audience, it’s equally important to ensure its quality — this means taking the time to research on the topic and making sure that your content is well-written, and technically and grammatically correct.

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