4 Creative Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

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Marketing should do so much more than just promote your brand. The best and most effective marketing campaigns are those that not only catch the attention of consumers but also leave behind a lasting impression.

In order to achieve this, marketers should get creative with their marketing campaigns. This is especially true for small and startup businesses — you need to get heard and noticed amidst the vast ocean of commerce. This is why thinking out of the box is essential in launching a successful marketing campaign. Here are four ways to creatively market your budding business:

1. Utilize infographics

Infographics are an excellent method in creatively conveying information, and what’s more is that it’s also a powerful marketing tool. They’re easy to digest and they drive far more engagement than other types of visual content, making them a valuable source for organic referral links.

There are many types of infographic templates that you can use for your marketing campaign. Here are some of the most popular types:

  • — These are by far the most versatile in terms of presenting information. Informational infographics can also be used to show consumers how your products or services can help improve their lives.
  • — These are very handy when you want to visually present survey data or statistical data from multiple sources. It also helps in telling a story behind your statistics.
  • — These are useful when you want to compare options for your consumers, or simply to present how two or more things differ from each other.

2. Run online contests

Online contests present a huge opportunity for brands to engage with audiences, attract new followers, and incentivize customers. It’s also a clever way to generate content from the audience themselves.

The key here is to provide a prize that’s valuable to your customers. You can either offer your products or services for free, provide a gift card, or even give out cash prizes if you have the budget. Here are some creative online contest ideas that you can try:

  • — With the increasing popularity of short videos, video contests can be both fun and effective in promoting your brand. Have participants create a short video showcasing your product or talking about why they love your brand.
  • — Post a photo that relates to your brand and have the audience come up with a caption for it. The most creative, most relevant, or funniest caption wins.
  • — Involve your audience in launching your new product by having a “name it” contest. You can also let audiences vote for their favorites, or you can choose the one you like best.

3. Try out guerilla marketing

As the name suggests, guerilla marketing involves unconventional methods in promoting a brand. The advantage of this type of creative marketing is that it also doubles as a local marketing effort, and the campaigns can be quite impressionable. This especially comes in handy when you’re a brick and mortar business. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • — Get permission from the appropriate authorities to decorate the side of a building and commission a mural. Street art in the form of murals is not only unique, but it can also be added to your creative portfolio.
  • — Stickers that are designed to be placed in areas around your locality, such as in elevators or crosswalks, are another way to market your brand. You will need to make partnerships with establishments in order to do this and create a sticker design that makes sense to your brand and with the targeted placement.

4. Create videos

With the demand for video content increasing, and with major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram focusing on a video-first strategy, it goes without saying that video marketing should be a top priority for businesses.

Facebook has also launched a video creation kit to make it easier for marketers to create and promote videos. However, if you want more room for creativity and customization, it pays to invest in basic video gear and create videos from scratch rather than from a template. Here are some video content types you can do to start your marketing campaign:

  • Studies show that 72% of consumers prefer watching videos to learn more about a product or service. Explainer videos are excellent in creatively and conveniently demonstrating to audiences what your brand and product is about, and it’s also proven to increase conversion rates by 80% in landing pages.
  • Ephemeral short videos in the form of Facebook My Day and Instagram Stories are quite a trend now, and for a good reason: they are effective in driving engagement from a vast audience. The great thing about this type of content is that you can get as casual as you can, and you have many in-app tools on Facebook and Instagram to use for product tagging, live videos, and more.

In Conclusion

Marketing is a fiercely competitive space, and brands should step up with their creativity and strategy when launching a campaign. Having the right tools and talent is key in implementing a successful marketing campaign.

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