5 Ways Web Design Boosts Your Marketing Campaign

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First impressions hold so much power when it comes to marketing and business. For websites, in particular, research has shown that it takes a swift 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about your business — and this greatly determines whether they decide to trust your brand or not.

It goes without saying that website design plays a key role in your business and has a huge potential to boost your company’s marketing campaign. Here are five reasons why:

Graphic design and website copy are two essential elements of web design. The visuals and words blended together to communicate the company’s branding and marketing message to your customers.

This is why web design is an effective communication tool: it frames your brand’s messaging at a mere glance. One look at a website’s design elements (i.e., color, logo, etc.), and a customer can immediately associate those elements with your company’s brand.

In developing your business website’s design, it is important for the designers and developers, as well as the copywriter, to have a sound understanding of your company’s brand and message so that these are communicated effectively to your target market.

Humans are naturally inclined to notice attractive things. In the midst of a saturated market filled with competitors, it is crucial now more than ever to stand out and get noticed — and excellent web design that’s both aesthetically appealing and effective can help achieve this.

This is why if a website is designed with the target audience in mind, you not only catch their attention but also reel them in to be receptive to your marketing message. The more the customer is interested in your products, the better and more qualified leads they become. Ultimately, this prompts to a desired action that may lead to sales.

Good user experience is achieved through thoughtful consideration of information organization, providing convenient access to information about your products, services, location, and contact information. It is also a good avenue to introduce new products and special promos.

Through excellent web design, all pertinent information about your business can be communicated well to your audience. Simple decisions such as where to put the contact information, placement of the navigational menu, the size of the fonts, the imagery you use, and many more, all come into play in conveying information through your website.

Web design is a communication tool that works both ways for your customers and for your own people. While web design portrays your company’s branding to your customers, it also helps your employees to better understand your brand and your marketing message.

The best way to catalyze your company’s marketing efforts is to compel and inspire your employees. A well-designed website cultivates the company’s culture: what your values are, what you aim to do, and why you exist. It is also a reflection of a brand’s professionalism and quality of service which, in turn, boosts employee morale.

A clean, creative, and organized web design not only attracts customers; it also creates a feeling of confidence and trust toward your brand. As was previously mentioned, good web design portrays your company’s professionalism, which many customers look for in a business.

A web design that exudes excellent quality equates to a company that produces excellent results. A website that is well-designed and intuitive to use communicates how the brand cares for its customers’ experience.

To conclude, a good website design boosts your company’s marketing efforts through convenience, branding, attraction, internal communication, and trust. You don’t get a second chance at creating a first impression, so make that first impression a lasting one by having an web design that looks as good as it functions.

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