How to Make Effective Product Demo Videos

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5 min readMar 21, 2023
How to Make Effective Product Demo Videos

Video marketing is booming now more than ever. With the growing popularity of short-form video-sharing platforms like TikTok and Instagram, it’s no wonder why 91% of online consumers want to see more video content from their favorite brands.

The same study by Wyzowl found that 92% of marketers report that video content provides a significant return on investment (ROI), which is a 14% increase from five years ago.

The Value of Product Videos to Brands

Product demo videos are the perfect way for brands to introduce their products or services and showcase how they work. This type of video helps potential customers understand what a product does and how they can benefit from it.

It also gives brands an opportunity to answer any questions and address common concerns around products while building customer trust.

How can product videos help brands?

  • Develop brand loyalty: Product demo videos are a great way to get your customers emotionally invested in your product or service. Showing the features and benefits of your product or service in action can help build customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.
  • Increase sales: When customers have a clear understanding of your product or service, they’re more likely to buy it. Product demo videos can bring prospects closer to making a purchase by providing them with the information they need to make an informed decision.
  • Improve customer engagement: Product videos can help engage visitors on your website or social media platforms. Videos are more interactive, engaging, and shareable than static images or words.

Product Demo Videos vs. Explainer Videos

Product demo videos and explainer videos are often confused because they both use visuals to explain a product or service. However, the two types of video have different objectives.

Explainer videos are more general and aim to give viewers an overview of your product or service. They’re usually short and focus on “the big picture” of your product.

Meanwhile, product demo videos are more detailed and focused on demonstrating how your product actually works. They’re usually longer and provide customers with more specific information about the features and benefits of using your product or service.

3 Quick Tips for Creating Effective Product Demo Videos

1. Keep it short and simple

Aim to keep your product demo videos no longer than 2 minutes. Any longer than that and viewers may lose interest or not watch the entire video. A study has, in fact, shown that 62% of viewers watch an entire brand video if it’s less than 1 minute.

You can also take into account the type of platform you’re using:

  • Instagram and TikTok: Aim for short-form content that’s around 30 seconds in length (26 seconds average).
  • Facebook and YouTube: While Facebook and YouTube both can cater to longer videos, video content that’s 1 to 2 minutes minute long is seen to have the most engagement.
  • Twitter: Twitter isn’t a very popular platform for videos, but it can still be an effective way to share your product videos in short snippets, around 45 seconds in length.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is another underappreciated platform for video content. They can cater to longer videos, but LinkedIn recommends keeping your content under 30 seconds.

2. Showcase how your product benefits customers

Let viewers know what they’ll get out of your product or service instead of just listing the features and specifications.

Even better, show them how they can make use of the product in everyday life. Explain how it solves their problem and make sure to highlight any unique features that set your product apart from others.

Frida Baby’s product demo video for a nasal aspirator is a good example of how to do this:

3. Use visuals and sound effects

Visuals help make your product demo video more interesting and engaging. Choose whether you want to use animation or real-life footage and use visuals to highlight and explain the features of your product.

Sound effects can also help create an emotional connection with viewers. Music, sound effects, and narration can help bring the product to life and make it more appealing to potential customers.

Tip: Be sure that you have the proper licenses for the sound effects and music you will use on your product videos to avoid legal issues. Royalty-free music is always a safe bet for such videos.

What Do You Need to Create Effective Product Demo Videos?

When it comes to creating your product video, quality should always be a priority. Invest in high-quality equipment, such as the following:

  • Camera: A quality HD digital camera will help you capture clearer images and videos. With today’s technology, however, a mobile phone with a good camera can also do the job.
  • Lighting: Having proper lighting is essential for professional-looking videos. Invest in some external lighting or LED lights to make sure your videos are well-lit.
  • Microphone: Having a good quality microphone will help you record clearer audio and avoid background noise.
  • Editing software: Use good editing software to enhance the quality of your footage. Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro are two popular options for creating professional-looking videos.

Other things you need to create product videos are:

  • Script: A good script will give you a clear idea of how the video should flow and what points to emphasize.
  • Storyboard: A storyboard is a helpful way to plan out the visuals and sound effects for your video.
  • Storyteller: A storyteller can be an actor or presenter to help explain the features of your product in an engaging way.

Professional Brand Videos to Boost Your Marketing

Video content creation is a powerful tool for businesses to reach their target audience and showcase their products in an engaging way. With some careful planning, you can create effective product demo videos that will help drive sales and increase brand recognition.

If, however, you’re new to the trade and don’t have the necessary resources or skills, you can consider outsourcing your video production to a professional digital marketing agency like Ilfusion. With years of experience in video production and marketing, we can help you create high-quality product videos that will get your message across.

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