How to Use Instagram Reels to Boost Brand Engagement

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How to Use Instagram Reels to Boost Brand Engagement

It has been well-established that videos are among the best formats to use for marketing: it drives engagement, helps customers retain information better, boosts ROI, and is the preferred format by audiences.

And with the rise in popularity of short-form video platforms and formats such as TikTok, Instagram and Facebook Reels, and YouTube Shorts, it’s important for brands to stay relevant.

Among these options, Instagram Reels holds a lot of promise from a marketing standpoint, as you can leverage the worldwide popularity of Instagram and its large userbase.

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are vertical short-form videos reminiscent of TikTok. With Reels, you can record short multi-clip videos up to 30 seconds long, and you can also add effects, stickers, texts, audio, and many more creative tools.

Using Reels for your brand can greatly help your video marketing strategy:

  • It drives engagement: In a survey, it was found that Instagram Reels receive 22% more engagement than content posted as regular videos on Instagram.
  • It gives you a competitive edge: Instagram is ranked as the second-largest social network, following Facebook. Instagram also allows you to cross-share your Instagram Reels to Facebook if your account is public, which will greatly widen your reach.
  • It attracts the younger generation: Around 87% of Gen Z users said that they consider Reels as basically similar to TikTok, and 61% of these respondents said that they plan to spend more time on Instagram Reels than on TikTok.
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How to Create Instagram Reels

To create a Reel, simply choose the Reels option at the bottom of the Instagram camera:

1. Record your Reels: There are three ways to record Reels: all at once, as a series of short clips, or by uploading videos from your phone gallery. Hold and press the Capture button to record your Reel. While recording, you’ll see a progress indicator at the top of the screen.

2. Add creative elements to your Reel: Instagram has several creative tools to make your Reels more engaging. Some of these include:

  • Audio: You can choose from their huge music library (free to use!) or upload your own original audio. There’s also an option to record a voiceover.
  • Effects and filters: Use AR effects and filters to add more fun to your Reels.
  • Stickers and texts: You can add stickers, GIFs, and text to your Reels as well.
  • Align: This option is helpful when you’re recording multiple clips. It allows you to align objects from your previous clip before recording the next one. This makes the transition appear more seamless.
  • Speed: You can adjust the speed of your clips to help you match the beat of your audio or if you’re making slow-motion or fast-motion videos.

3. Save your drafts if needed: Video creations take time, especially when you’re capturing several mini clips for your Reel. Be sure to save your drafts before you exit the app.

5 Instagram Reels Tips and Tricks to Boost Engagement

1. Create valuable and original content

There are millions, even billions, of creators on Instagram Reels. While there’s value in jumping on trends, it’s more beneficial for brands to create trends themselves.

Posting original content with valuable and engaging content is key to your Instagram Reel success. The trick here is to find your niche and ensure that your content aligns with your branding and the marketing message you want to share.

2. Use professional videography

Advancements in digital photography and videography are definitely a plus, especially for startup businesses. However, mobile phones can only do so much.

As a brand, the quality of your content is a reflection of your brand’s professionalism and the quality of your products and services. If budget permits, it’s worth investing in professional videography equipment, such as a DSLR camera, a ring light, tripods, and a microphone.

You can also tap into the services of creative agencies like Ilfusion if you want to save on time or if you need more guidance from a professional.

3. Customize your audio

Aside from the visuals, the audio of your video is detrimental to the overall effect of your Reel. While Instagram has a huge music library, it’s a good idea to personalize your music using audio editors like Audacity and Adobe Audition.

Creating your own audio will help build brand recognition and will also set you apart from the rest. However, it’s important to choose music that matches the vibe and message of your video — branding consistency is key.

4. Add on-screen text and/or closed captions

As a related point, a significant number of users prefer to watch videos without sound. Several studies also revealed that adding captions to videos could effectively increase viewership and engagement. It’s also an additional benefit to offer accessible content.

You can either add on-screen text manually by using the Instagram Reel editor or any third-party video editing tool of your choice. Another option is to use Instagram’s closed caption sticker, and Instagram’s algorithm will automatically transcribe your audio.

5. Make your Reel descriptions short yet engaging

Try not to take away the viewers’ attention from your video by keeping your description short and concise. One or two sentences are already enough, but be sure to include a call to action (CTA).

Whether it’s to encourage viewers to click the link in your bio or head to your Instagram Shop page, the aim of your CTA should be to nudge viewers in the right direction.

Instagram Reels for Your Brand

Instagram Reels are among the many formats you can use to make your social media and video marketing strategies more engaging. A key takeaway here is to create content that’s valuable, relatable, and entertaining to your target audience.

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