How to Use Twitter Communities to Build Your Brand

How to Use Twitter Communities to Build Your Brand

Social media was created with community building in mind. However, with the overly saturated market and with billions of social media users worldwide, a significant number of people now prefer smaller, more intimate groups on social media.

Facebook and Reddit were among the pioneers of creating private online communities. Other social media platforms that are geared towards community building have also been on the rise, such as Discord, Viber, and Slack — just to name a few.

And recently, Twitter has introduced a few more features for creating niche hangouts such as its live audio room called Spaces. The most recent feature they’re experimenting on now is Twitter Communities.

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What Are Twitter Communities?

Twitter Communities are online groups where people can interact and engage with other people with the same interests. Some of its features are reminiscent of Facebook Groups, wherein users can join Communities and share content.

A few things you need to know about Twitter Communities:

  • It is still in its beta stage — there is no set date yet for its official rollout.
  • It began as invite-only, but recent updates have enabled moderators to open their communities for anyone who wants to join.
  • Tweets on your Community will not be shown on your Twitter profile nor on your followers’ home page — it is exclusive only to your Community.

3 Main Benefits of Twitter Communities to Brands

Although Twitter Communities are still in its nascent stage, it provides a ripe opportunity for brands to:

1. Offer a sense of intimacy

As we mentioned earlier, social media users are now looking for more intimate spaces amidst the saturated and often superficial online community.

With Twitter Communities, you get to share exclusive content with your community members. This gives you the opportunity to get closer with your audience and to offer them a channel where you can get to know them better — and vice versa.

2. Humanize your business

People value authenticity in today’s modern world, and providing valuable, exclusive content to them through Twitter Communities is one way to show this kind of authenticity. Having a close-knit community also helps you gain the trust and confidence of your target audience.

3. Build your brand

As a related note, Twitter Communities help in building awareness about your brand. The more that people trust you, the more they are likely to refer your brand to their own circles, increasing your brand trust and loyalty.

Getting Started with Twitter Communities

To create a Twitter Community, you must fill out a form, subject to Twitter’s approval. You increase your chances of being approved if you meet the following requirements to become a Community Administrator:

Once approved, you can customize your Community Page as you would with your Twitter Profile. You can also assign roles to other moderators and co-admins.

For invite-only Twitter Communities, each approved member is provided with 5 invitation links that they can send to their friends, and each referred friend will also get 5 invitation links of their own.

For open-membership Twitter Communities, they can join without an invite link. They only need to select the “Join” button at the top of the Community Page.

4 Tips to Build Your Brand with Twitter Communities

1. Create relevant Communities

This goes without saying that the Community you build should be in line with your brand’s goals, identity, and overall message.

A good strategy is to create Communities catered to your audience’s purchasing journey. For example, you create a Community for new customers and another one for long-time customers. If you also have multiple business locations, you can create a Community for each.

The possibilities are endless, but the bottom line is that Communities can be a great opportunity for your to segment your audiences.

2. Focus on authentic connection

The main purpose of Twitter Communities is to create a safe space for people to connect with others who share the same interests. As a brand, it’s important not to fixate your strategy on marketing and promotion — this will easily turn off your audiences.

Instead, focus on establishing authentic connections. Share relevant content and cultivate genuine engagement. Your brand’s Twitter Community can be a great platform to do social listening and even customer service.

3. Offer something valuable

Give your audiences a good reason to join your Community. Use the opportunity for exclusivity well by offering them a VIP experience. This can be in the form of member-only content or priority passes for new products or brand events.

You can also leverage Twitter Community’s Super Follows — an option to set up subscription tiers to get access to more exclusive content or services. The key here is to provide something valuable and relevant.

4. Proactively moderate your Community

A good community is where members feel safe and accepted. If resources and time permits, have a dedicated person(s) to oversee your Twitter Community.

Your moderator or community manager should be well-versed with Twitter’s rules to ensure that your Community doesn’t violate policies and risk being deactivated. Be also sure that you are proactive in moderating comments that are abusive, harmful, or offensive.

Twitter Communities are still in their early stages, and it’s important for brands to become early adaptors to have a competitive edge.

Of course, it’s also essential to know your limits first and foremost. Managing several social media profiles is challenging enough, so it’s best to only take this route when you have the resources and when you’re ready to grow your online community.

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