Is Instagram Threads Worth It for Your Brand?

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Is Instagram Threads Worth It for Your Brand?

Instagram Threads is the newest addition to the Instagram app family, aiming to revolutionize public conversation and connect users more intimately.

But as a brand, is it worth investing your time and resources into this new feature?

What Is Instagram Threads?

Instagram Threads is a social media platform where you can share and view public conversations.

Users can create threads by posting text, photos, videos or links for public viewing. These threads can then be shared among other users, who can also engage in the conversation by commenting and reacting to the content.

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In essence, it works similarly to Twitter (X), albeit with an intimate approach, along with other key differences:

  • Post length: 500 characters on Threads vs. 280 characters on Twitter (X)
  • Video: 5 minutes on Threads vs. 2 minutes & 20 seconds on Twitter (X)
  • Direct messaging: No DMs on Threads vs. DMs available on Twitter (X)
  • Hashtags: Tags on Threads without the hashtag symbol vs. Hashtags available on Twitter (X)
  • Trending Stories: No Trending Stories on Threads vs. Trending Stories available on Twitter (X)

Instagram Threads Usage Statistics & Potential Issues

As of this writing, Instagram Threads has over 30 million users. Considering that it has just been released in July 2023, they’re off to a strong start.

However, of that number, only half of it (around 15 million users) are actively using the app. This lower-than-expected engagement may be attributed to the following issues with the app:

  • Compared to its competitor, Twitter (X), Threads lags behind in terms of features.
  • Instagram users have reported that deleting their Threads account can be tricky, as doing so would also deactivate their main Instagram account.
  • European users are also less likely to use Threads, as the app collects extensive user data, which goes against EU data privacy rules.
  • As Threads is relatively new, there are still reported bugs and glitches that need to be addressed by the development team.

Verdict: Is Instagram Threads Worth It for Businesses?

Despite the initial setbacks, Instagram Threads still has potential for businesses. The app’s focus on more intimate conversations can help them connect with their customers on a more personal level, which is crucial in today’s digital landscape.

Additionally, with India, Brazil, and the US taking the lead in terms of app downloads, Threads proves to be a promising platform for businesses targeting these regions.

Moreover, with Facebook’s strong support and resources, it’s possible that we’ll see new and

improved features on Threads in the future, making it a more attractive option for businesses looking to expand their social media presence.

Wrapping It Up

While Instagram Threads may not be perfect at the moment, its potential as a business tool cannot be ignored. It offers a unique, more personal approach to communication and has the backing of one of the biggest social media platforms in the world.

As it continues to grow and improve, Threads could become an essential tool for businesses looking to connect with their target audience in a more intimate way.

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