Update: Best Times to Post on Social Media in 2021

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3 min readJun 8, 2021
Update: Best Times to Post on Social Media in 2021

Over the past year, people’s consumption of social media has greatly changed, owing to the increasing usage of digital communication brought about by the new normal. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that this shift led to new patterns in social media engagement, including the best time to post content.

We’ve gathered data from various sources to give you insight on the best days of the week and times of the day that are most ideal for engagement:

Best Time to Post on Facebook

  • Days of the week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Times of the day: 9 AM, 11 AM to 12 noon

Consumers use Facebook across various devices both at home and at work. Data shows, however, that most engagement occurs during their commute or getting-ready-to-work hours (9 AM) and during lunch breaks. Some sources also point that Wednesdays garner the highest interactions on Facebook, while others claim that it’s Thursdays.

Best Time to Post on Instagram

  • Days of the week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
  • Times of the day: 11 AM to 1 PM, 7 PM to 9 PM

Instagram is geared towards smartphone users, and data shows that people are on Instagram more on weekdays, particularly during lunch breaks and in the evenings.

Best Time to Post on Twitter

  • Days of the week: Mondays to Fridays
  • Times of the day: 9 AM to 10 PM, 11 AM, 5 PM to 6 PM

Unlike other platforms, content on Twitter has a very short shelf life. As such, the optimal times of the day to post may vary. It remains, however, that weekdays, especially Thursdays, are the best days to post.

Best Time to Post on LinkedIn

  • Days of the week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  • Times of the day: 8 AM to 9 AM, 5 PM to 6 PMsocial media

Users on LinkedIn utilize the platform for professional networking, and they usually access it using their desktop computers. Data show that most engagement is garnered during the early work hours and at the end of their shifts.

Key Takeaways: Social Media Marketing in 2021

While the content above is not prescriptive, it serves as a good guide for you to optimize your social media marketing strategy.

Looking at past data, it remains that weekdays are the best days to post on social media. A key difference, however, is that users engage less during the middle of the day and on weekends.

This gives us insight that people are now being more mindful of their social media activity. For marketers, this means that the challenge lies not on what time or day of the week you post, but on what kind of content and value you provide for your audience.

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