Using Twitter Trending Topics to Boost Your Social Media Strategy

Using Twitter Trending Topics to Boost Your Social Media Strategy

One of the most defining features of Twitter that sets it apart from other platforms is how dynamic it is. In fact, it’s been found that content posted on Twitter — that is, Tweets — have the shortest lifespans among other online content: 18 minutes, even for trending topics!

For content creators, Twitter’s short shelf-life can be a challenge, but if you can harness it well, you can actually use it to your advantage.

As a marketer and/or business owner, understanding how Twitter trending topics work can make a lot of difference in your social media strategy. By using trending topics, you:

  • Gain deeper insight into what your audience is interested in
  • Are able to create more meaningful and relatable content
  • Expand your reach
  • Boost your social engagement

How do you make the most out of trending topics on Twitter for your social media marketing? Here are a few tips to help you get started!

How to Find and Tailor Your Twitter Trending Topics

For those who aren’t familiar, Twitter trends are listed under the Trends section of the Explore tab. By default, Twitter automatically shows popular topics based on your location, who you follow, and your interests.

To leverage trending topics, it’s best to personalize your Trends tab and set your preferences based on the location of your target audience:

  • On desktop: Select Show More on the right-hand side of your Twitter desktop site.
  • On mobile: Go to the Explore tab and select the gear icon next to the search bar.

For Twitter’s algorithm to accurately tailor the Trends it shows to you, it’s essential that you give it data to work with, and this means making meaningful engagement using your business account:

  • Interacting with your fans and posts about your niche
  • Following accounts that reflect your interests
  • Geotagging your Twitter profile and posts

How to Strategically Use Twitter Trending Topics for Your Business

1. Tailoring your Tweet’s brand message by understanding audience sentiment

One of the crucial factors to consider when leveraging trending topics is understanding the sentiment — how do users feel about the topic? Emotions play a pivotal role in marketing and sales, and social media is no exception.

To do this, use the Advanced search filters on Twitter to narrow down your search on topics based on specific parameters, such as:

  • Location
  • Specific words or hashtags
  • Specific user accounts (including mentions)
  • Specific date range
  • Sentiment: positive, negative

By understanding audience sentiment, you can tailor your message to be appropriate (and avoid making a faux pas!) and adjust your approach when you decide to join the conversation.

If you’re more technical, Twitter has a great tutorial on how to use the Twitter API and set up your own code to explore and analyze your target audience’s tweets.

Using Twitter Trending Topics to Boost Your Social Media Strategy — sentiment

2. Joining in relevant conversations

There’s so much value in joining in conversations on social media as a brand, but the key here is relevancy. Join conversations that relate to your niche and to topics and/or causes that matter to you as a brand — you do not have to join every conversation about a trending topic to stay relevant.

When doing so, it’s important to not only reflect the audience’s general sentiment towards the topic but also to stay true to your brand values and voice.

3. Using on-brand hashtags to prompt user engagement

Continuing from the previous point, you can also prompt user engagement by running an on-brand hashtag campaign around a trending topic.

This is a good strategy to use during seasonal and predictable events, such as Christmas or Halloween. Coca-Cola makes good use of on-brand hashtags during Christmas season (#ShareACoke).

Remember to apply the two key things we discussed earlier for this strategy: to be mindful about the sentiment of audiences regarding the topic, as well as keeping in line with your brand values when crafting your message.

Using Twitter Trending Topics to Boost Your Social Media Strategy — coca cola

4. Using Twitter Trend Takeovers

Trend Takeover is a recent feature on Twitter that allows brands to have their on-brand topics get “premium” placements on the Trending list and Explore tab for 24 hours.

Each time a user clicks on your promoted trend, they will also see a Tweet from your brand as well as other people’s conversations around that topic, giving you greater visibility.

To make the most of Trend Takeovers, you can go beyond the usual “text-type” Tweet and utilize multimedia such as images, GIFs, or short videos (max 6 seconds) to spice up your brand’s content.

Final Notes

There’s so much to explore on Twitter and social media in general, but to fully harness their power to boost your brand, it all boils down to one thing: creating authentic and valuable connections with your target audience.

If you’re looking for more content about social media management and digital marketing as a whole, head on to to learn more.



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